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Cool roofs and Cool colours ..... with NanoTECH-THERMOline
You will eventually have a full heat reflection even with the strongest colours.... Read all
NanoTECH-THERMOline is a new range of innovative products based on the science of nanotechnology.

.... Read all
Energy efficiency + Saving = NanoTECH-THERMOline
Once upon a time traditional water-based paints just decorated your house, now thanks to NanoTECH-THERMOline you are contributing to generate energy efficiency..... Read all


The latest news from nanotechnology


NanoTECH-THERMOline is a new range of innovative painting solutions based on the science of nanotechnology.

It comprehends the following products:

  • THERMO-PAINT: breathable, water-based paint for interior walls.
  • NANO-THERM: thermo-reflective paint for exterior walls.
  • THERMO-GUM: elastic, insulating coating for exterior surfaces.
  • THERMO-LACK: thermo-insulating enamel for internal/external wood and wall surfaces.
  • THERMO-LUX: thermo-insulating, heat-reflective, semitransparent acrylic varnish for external glass, fibreglass, polycarbonate surfaces.
  • THERMO-METALS: water-based, anti-corrosive, thermo-reflective enamel for metal surfaces.
  • THERMO-GROUND: acryl-siloxanic, rough, linking ground primer.
  • THERMO-COAT: thermo-insulating, water-repellent siloxanic plaster.
  • THERMO-GLASS: clear, smart coating for vertical glass surfaces to get high energy efficiency. It filters U.V. rays and infrared light. It reduces electromagnetic pollution.
  • NANOFIX: acrilic primer for walls, formulated with nano-particles to get the best results in penetration. Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • DIVINA: new water-based paint for interiors with high covering power, unique in terms of performance and technology.

Main benefits of NanoTECH-THERMOline products:

  1. They significantly improve heating and cooling efficiency with consequent saving of money and with real reduction of CO2 emissions in the environment.
  2. They all repel water, consequently they reduce the growth of moulds and lichens in exteriors. In interiors, they reduce heat transfer and temperature variations (thermal bridges) with consequent lower levels of moisture and these help to create a healthy ambience.
  3. All these relevant benefits make our NanoTECH-THERMOline painting solutions extremely innovative and interesting for up-dated customers in building trade.

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