Water-based acrylic enamel. Odourless, non-toxic, product for bright interior and exterior finishes

Suitable as a bright finish to protect frames or iron/wood minor constructions, when easy application and an excellent gloss retention is required. Ideal for plinths in public places, schools, canteens, hospitals. It is perfectly washable and cleanable with thinned detergents and non-abrasive tools. The product is completely odourless and it is thus recommended for application in interiors instead of the traditional synthetic enamel. The enamel can be painted with a maximum of 3-4% water-based colouring agents.

Colours: colour chart, normal shades: glossy white, satin white, oyster colour, sole colour, squid colour, prawn colour, octopus head colour, gray grouper. Bright shades: tinte forti: sun yellow, red jellyfish, green seaweed, blue sea.
Package: 2,5 and 0,750 litres.

Colours: Unisystem tinting colours, normal and briht Ral shades.
Package: 14, 2,5 and 0,750 Litres.


Water-based, odourless, non-toxic, eco-friendly primer with antirust properties suitable for wood, iron, pvc, aluminium and galvanized surfaces .

Recommended when an odourless, water-based, eco-friendly primer/antirust product is required. Non-flammable.

Colore: gray, grigio Ral shade 7035.
Confezioni: 2,5 and 0,750 Litres.

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Water-based finish primer for radiators

Water-based finish primer for steel, cast-iron and aluminium radiators. Satin aspect, good adhesion and non-yellowing properties.

Colours: satin white.
Package: 2,5 and 0,750 Litres.

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It prevents, blocks and converts rust permanently

It transforms it into a stable and protective layer that can be painted over. It is very easy to apply and the difficult and expensive sanding and brushing operations on rusty products are reduced.

Colours: milk white – once it has dried, it turns into anthracite black.
Package: 4 and 0,375 Litres.


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Non-peeling, water-repellent, breathable, protective water-based varnish

Idroflatting is the new generation product for wood protection. A peculiar property of IDROFLATTING is the amazing flexibility of its film that makes it non-peeling and does not allow rain or any other atmospheric agent to penetrate to the wood. It contains special additives for U.V. (ultra-violet rays) absorption that avoid deterioration of wood fibres. IDROFLATTING is particularly resistant to bad weather; the excellent water-repellency and permeability to water vapour make Idroflatting the ideal varnish for protecting wood outside.

Colours: glossy and satin transparent.
Package: 2,5 and 0,750 Litres.

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Water-based impregnating primer with insecticide and fungicide properties. Wax effect finishing

IDROWOOD is a water-based impregnating primer with wax effect, that makes the product water-repellent. It is suitable for exterior and interior use. IDROWOOD protects wood from the sun and from all atmospheric agents in marine and mountain environments; it prevents fungi, insects and mould formation. IDROWOOD penetrates deep into the wood and, as a result of a specific U.V. absorber, it creates a barrier preserving wood fibers from solar rays (the U.V. absorber transforms light’s ultra-violet component makes the heat less intense, thus eliminating the action of U.V. radiations). IDROWOOD is not subject to peeling, so it can be periodically reapplied avoiding sanding interventions or paint stripping. It is manufactured with special water-based resins, fungicide, bactericide and insecticide agents, U.V. absorbers, transparent pigments and colourings resistant to light and bad weather. IDROWOOD can be painted over with IDROFLATTING and always also with solvent-based finishes..

Colours: trasparente satinato, noce scuro, mogano, noce, palissandro, douglas
Confezioni: Lt 15, Lt 2,5 e Lt 0,750.

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Smalto acrilico all’acqua per basamenti e zoccolature 

Trova impiego come mano di finitura semilucida per la protezione di basamenti e zoccolature murali, quando sia richiesta una facile applicabilità ed un’ottima resistenza al lavaggio con detersivi neutri. Il prodotto è completamente inodore e viene quindi consigliato per l’interno in sostituzione dello smalto sintetico tradizionale.

Colore: bianco e colorato tintometria Unisystem.
Confezioni: Lt 14 e 5.

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