Solvent-based enamels

Universal synthetic enamel for external and internal surfaces

It is recommended and used in all the systems in which it is required a long-lasting and bright final coat, elastic power and resistance power to atmospheric agents. It is composed with glycerophtalic resins and high-quality pigments, that remain constant and stable when exposed to light. It can be easily applied by brush and it provides an excellent covering power, it is available in a wide range of colours. It can be easily applied and it always guarantees great results. It can be applied on internal or external wooden and iron surfaces, that must be treated with appropriate primers.

Colours: da tinta cartella.
Package: 2,5, 0,75 and 0,375 Litres.



synthetic, anti-corrosive, iron-micaceous, antique-looking enamel for interiors and exteriors

Because of the lamellar structure of the micaceous pigment used and the special characteristics of the binder, Ottocento is the ideal finishing when a long-lasting protection is required. It is recommended for painting wrought iron, gates, balconies, gutters etc. It gives paint surfaces a pleasant metallic look. To obtain anti-scratch finishes, a one coat of synthetic paint, such as Regent, is recommend.

Colours: tinte di cartella 109 grafite e 104 antracite.
Package: 2,5 and 0,75 Litres.

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fast drying enamel for the bright finishing of industrial machines, agricultural machines, heavy machines and steelwork etc..

The iron or cast iron surface must be perfectly clean, dry, degreased and free or rust and/or scale. One coat of antirust base, such asAntifos, is recommended.

Colours: glossy white ready in stock; Unisystem tinting colours normal and bright RAL shades.

Package: 2,5 and 0,75 Litres.

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