Paint by Tradition


Barozzi Vernici was founded in 1904 by Silvio Barozzi as a little shop, a sort of grocery store selling different items in the centre of a little village in Northern Italy.
In 1962 his son, Mario Barozzi, gave birth to the first industrial settlement in the surroundings of the same village - Revere (Mantua) - where Barozzi Vernici is still located.
Since then, new projects, enthusiasm and passion for research have inspired the subsequent three generations.





At present, Cecilia, Matteo, and Marcella Barozzi personally take care of their Customers and always try to meet their requirements.<br />The high quality and performance of the products are the evergreen values of the Company. 


Constantly updated production facilities and dedication to the market are paramount to allow Barozzi Vernici to meet the growing needs of a continuously changing Customers.