UNISYSTEM is the new professional tinting system for water-based products, specific to the world of commercial and industrial building industry. The tinting system consists of 16 colouring pastes, of which 6 for interiors and 10 divided into oxides and inorganics, both UV-resistant. With these pastes you can dye water-based paints, plastic coatings, siloxane-based paints, acrylic paints, washable paints, water-based enamels, etc.

In 2018 a new colour pallette/was created and called Unisystem 407, composed of 330 new shades in line with the new market trends, 55 pastel tones and 22 full colour tones. The new specific Barozzi software can be customized with the possibility of connection to a spectrophotometer or colorimeter and it is also compatible with most of the tinting machines on the market.

Products can be split into feasibility groups as follow:

Group 1 (G.1): Magnum 5 stars, Real Quarz, Elastoquarz filler, Betoncolor, Idrosil, Quarzosil, Fill & Finish (*), Elastoquarz, Betoncolor, Intocap, Intosil, Elastoriv.

Group 2 (G. 2): Platinum, Barozzi Paint, L’Altrosmalto, Coverbit murale.

Group 3 (G. 3): Titan, GermoPaint, Gess-Color.

Group 4 (G. 4): Gold, Isothermica.

Group 5 (G. 5): Expo, Silver, Bicolor (pastel shades only)