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Cool roofs and Cool colours ..... with NanoTECH-THERMOline
You will eventually have a full heat reflection even with the strongest colours.... Read all
NanoTECH-THERMOline is a new range of innovative products based on the science of nanotechnology.

.... Read all
Energy efficiency + Saving = NanoTECH-THERMOline
Once upon a time traditional water-based paints just decorated your house, now thanks to NanoTECH-THERMOline you are contributing to generate energy efficiency..... Read all
Barozzi Vernici s.r.l. - A world of colours


100 years of tradition
100 years of experience
100 years of technology
100 years of passion and devotion


marioFounded in 1904 by Mr. Mario Barozzi, Barozzi Vernici snc -painting products’ industry- was initially managed by his sons Silvio and Vittorio who have been following their father’s work for many years with reliabily and devotion . After the premature death of Silvio, his brother Vittorio was helped in the last 15 years by the co-operation of his sons, Cecilia, Matteo and Marcella.


Foto 2The following up of generations has constantly contributed to new projects and enthusiasms, giving more and more space to the research and to new technologies, so that, at present, the best of experience and tradition co-exist with innovation. A very special attention has been dedicated in the last two years to the science of nanotechnology applied to the world of paints and coatings for different surfaces. Our efforts gave birth to thermoline, a very extraordinary range of innovative insulating products to protect buildings, roofs, tanks, cargo containers, etc... (see our specific information about the subject).

Foto 3The timely upgrade of facilities and the costant attention to the market are the requirements that allow the Barozzi coatings to satisfly customers' demands.




 For over a hundred color to your world!

We invite you to view the illustrated catalogue of our products BAROZZI and AGRICHEM to assess the full range of distribution: Commercial - retail - industry.

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