Barozzi Vernici Srl

Barozzi Vernici was founded as a small emporium in 1904 by Silvio Barozzi; there, the local community in Revere (Mn) could find what was needed for home and work. In that shop Silvio Barozzi began to sell, and subsequently produce, the first antirust and water-based paints in powder form.

In 1962 his son, Comm. Mario Barozzi, built the first industrial site in Revere, in the municipality of Borgo Mantovano, used for the production and wholesale of professional paints for construction and industry. The plant, enlarged and renovated by Mario’s sons, Silvio and Vittorio, is still home to Barozzi Vernici Srl.

Over four generations, our Company has been able to combine experience and tradition with innovation, giving birth to a modern business that can compete on international markets.


Currently, the siblings Cecilia, Matteo and Marcella Barozzi manage the company with a vision centered around research, creating totally innovative and high value-added product lines, such as heat-insulating, anti-mold, quartz-based, siloxane-based wall paints and much more.

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New generation technologies and raw materials

Periodic updates of our productive systems, always at the cutting edge, and attention to the market are the mantras that allow Barozzi Vernici to meet the growing needs of our constantly evolving clientele.

Since its beginnings, the company has pursued high quality for its products while creating a wide range of highly innovative references, thanks to new generation technologies and raw materials.

The company philosophy, always strongly oriented towards low environmental impact for its professional painting cycles, allows us to satisfy the growing needs of the market with full respect for nature, for those who apply the products and for those who enjoy them by staying in the buildings.

A new tinting system for water-based products was created in 2018. It is based on 16 coloring pastes, of which 6 for interiors only and 10 between oxides and inorganic exterior paints, suitable for both industrial and civil construction.

Contact us to request the supply of our products. You can find us in Revere, in the municipality of Borgo Mantovano.