Paint for eternit encapsulation

The paint for the encapsulation of asbestos is a special coating, for interiors and exteriors, which secures any structure or building roofing containing eternity.

Asbestos is a material that has been widely used for the roofing and insulation of buildings, ships, trains, but which has been progressively decommissioned and now prohibited due to its now known harmfulness. Asbestos fibers and dust, if breathed and inhaled, can lead to pleural tumors, lung diseases, lung carcinomas and other very serious diseases.

For this reason, adequate isolation of the toxic material is essential, which can occur through removal, confinement or encapsulation. The encapsulation allows the formation of a film on the surface and the incorporation of the asbestos fibers, at a low cost and without producing harmful waste.

Our insulating, fixative, inerting agent for the removal of asbestos products is ideal for type D encapsulation.

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Insulating – fixative – encapsulation type D for the removal of concrete-asbestos.


Application for exteriors


Transparent satin and colours chart


1000 – 200 and 25 Liters


Ready to use


Brush – roller – spray


18-20 sqm/Lt

What is the encapsulation technique?

The encapsulation technique is a treatment whose purpose is to fix the asbestos fibers by blocking their release. The products used can be spread by roller or using a large brush, or by the spray technique. The materials used consist not only of waterproofing elements, but also of high penetration adhesives and fixatives: this is to allow adequate adhesion on various surfaces.

It is important to know that encapsulating treatments are not recommended when the surfaces to be covered appear very crumbly, excessively dated, worn or in any case in bad conditions.

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