Glycerophanic and alchidic monocomponent anti-rust products

The worst enemy of iron is rust and it is for this reason that a preventive coat of anti-rust primer is always applied on raw iron, properly prepared.

It has the function of insulating metal products from external contaminants, protecting them from the combined action of oxygen and water. Moreover, it also has a filling function since it levels out possible depressions; it has also a high anchoring power and is therefore ideal as a base for subsequent painting systems (it clings to iron in its porosity).

The anti-rust primer paint is therefore a preventive and non-curative products, it must not be applied over rust but on clean and degreased iron.

If you need a supply of glycerophthalic and alchidic anti-rust primer for machine tools, industrial vehicles, etc., do not hesitate to contact us to request a personalized quote. We are widely active in Mantua, Modena and throughout the Veneto region and we deal with the supply of glycerophtalic and monocomponent alchidic anti-rust items.



Fast drying anti-rust primer, that can be painted over with synthetic enamels – fast drying – nitro – polyurethane – nitroresistant paints.

Over coating interval: after 2-3 hours


Application for exteriors


Ral 9010-7035-7040, Ral 7035 –  Unisystem tinting colours 23,5/2,6 ratio – normal and bright shades


5 Kg and 26 Kg


Spray application : 10-15% with Nitrosol / Brush application: 5-10% with Sintesol



Brush – spray


6-7 sqm/Kg (1 coat) 30-40 microns thickness

Professional use product

Glycerophtalic anti-rust primer is a synthetic resin and iron oxide based product that has excellent coverage and it is easy to apply. It is ideal for metal structures and iron products. It is available in gray, red and orange, and is formulated exclusively for professional use.

Glycerophthalic anti-rust product carefully removes any presence of rust and old flaking glazes.

To request its supply, contact us through the appropriate form. We operate widely between Mantua, Modena and throughout the Veneto region, as well as in many Italian regions and abroad.