Unisystem Tinting System

Unisystem is the new professional, tinting system for paint and enamels, for civil, commercial and industrial construction sector. It is based on 16 coloring pastes, of which 6 for interiors only and 10 between oxides and inorganic exterior paints. The system can colour water-based paints, plaster coatings, siloxane and acrylic paints, water-based enamels, and more, for personalised decoration of architectural projects.

The new Unisystem 407 colour palette includes 330 new colour shades, in line with the latest market fashion and demands, 55 pastel shades and 22 full color shades. The system ensures a variety of colour choice for both interiors and exteriors, coupled with excellent resistance to light, the elements and substrate alkalinity.

Our proprietary Barozzi software can be linked to a spectrophotometer or to a tintometer and it’s compatible with most tintometer available on the market.

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Grouped by feasibility

Here is our product list, grouped by feasibility

  • Gruppo 1 (G.1): Magnum 5 stelle, Real Quarz, Elastoquarz Filling, Betoncolor, Idrosil, Quarzosil, Fill & Finish, Elastoquarz, Betoncolor, Intocap, Intosil, Elastoriv.
  • Gruppo 2 (G. 2): Platinum, Barozzi Paint, L’Altrosmalto, Coverbit for walls.
  • Gruppo 3 (G. 3): Titan, GermoPaint, Gess-Color.
  • Gruppo 4 (G. 4): Gold, Isothermica.
  • Gruppo 5 (G. 5): Expo, Silver, Bicolor (pastel shades only).
Collegamento con spettrofotometro

Millimetric precision

The tintometer is a truly precise piece of machinery: it allows us to mix different colours and shades of colour without mistakes in the final result, which might easily occur by mixing colours by hand.
In the past, without such a precise instrument, the result was in the hands of the master of the colour mixing craft, or we shall say, art: this professional figure would manually pick and mix pigments to obtain the desired colour. Whereas, with the colorimeter, the pigments are picked with millimetric precision and weighed in a process that is perfectly replicable and avoids human mistakes, while offering a wide range of colours.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about this. Locally, we provide services in the Italian provinces of Mantua, Modena, in the region of Veneto and neighbouring regions. We also work worldwide on-demand and on a project-by-project basis.